The Spa of La maison d’Anaïs

Come and relax


To rest, to relax and to recharge your batteries in the bubbles of the SPA is a priviledged moment that we invite you to experience. A SPA in a guest house is a very popular and beneficial activity in a Wellness Stay. As you are experiencing it you will get rid off the stress and the daily worries. You will also get away from it all and it will seem as if the time stops for a while so that you can be in touch with yourself. The SPA is a service integrated in your guest house stay. Just make sure you don’t forget your swimming suit. Bathrobe will be provided free of charge.

To rest and to recharge your batteries in a guest house with a SPA in « Les Pyrénées »,

is much more than calming…

The Spa

What are its benefits ?

La Maison d’anaïs SPA will offer you the benefits of hydrotherapy. They are well-known since ancient times for their virtues. The Romans got it right. Hot water combined with jets massages contribute to :

  • increase the blood flow
  • relax the muscular fibres of the neck, the shoulders, the trapezoids and the back.
  • relax mentally
  • relieve high blood pressure
  • reduce the chronic pain and migraines due to tension…

Loving Getaway at La Maison d’Anaïs

3 days/2 nights

  • a privilege welcome (CHAMPAGNE…)
  • a romantic dinner
  • a private and illimited access to the SPA
  • 2 nights and breakfasts
  • a massage session for 2

Price : 300€ for two

Access to the Spa

Open access to La Maison d’Anais SPA  for the guest house customers. The SPA session last 20mn. It is located in the parc  and sheltered by a « Gazebo ». Gazebo means small garden shed which is usually used as a place to relax. Bathrobs and towels will be provided.

For those being beneficial  of a «Wonderbox » or a « Dakota » the access to the SPA is of 15€ per person.


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