The Madiran vineyard on the « Piémont Pyrénéen »

The Madiran vineyard is a history dates back to the XIth century

If you make a stop in les Pyrénées, the Madiran vineyard is a must. You can’t talk about the Pyrenean Culture without mentionning the Madiran wine. Its history dates back to the XIth century.

Cultivated by the Bénédictins Monks in a very basic way, it is well-known under the «  Madiran » and the « Pacherenc de Vic-Bilh » appelation in 1948. Ever since the Madiran Wine has been cultivated  and created with a significant expertise like the fine wines of the world.

A Genuine Wine expected to age

La Maison d’Anaïs is located close to the Madiran largest wine-producing properties. Between hill and valley some vineyards treasures might be hiding. You need to move from major motorways to  meet some winemakers who cultivate their wine with respect and love.

Our favourite supplier of Madiran Wine is 10 mn away from la Maison d’Anaïs : « Le Domaine Pichard ». A Winemaker « pur jus » focusing on sustainable agriculture as to enable its wines to have an outstanding quality for aging. The value of « Le Domaine Pichard » are genuiness and being good for aging. We can definitely talk about a real Pyrenean Wine. We recommand it.

Find out about Le Val d’adour and the Madiran Vineyards.
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