Gavarnie, an exceptional natural site.

Located at 2H00 by car from the House of Anaïs, the Circus of Gavarnie is inscribed on the World Heritage of the UNSECO. It is a mountain landscape unique in its beauty that appears on both sides of the border between France and Spain.

The labeling in the world heritage of UNESCO gives it a name “Pyrénées Mont lost”. It includes 4 glacial circuses: Gavarnie, Estaubé, Troumouse and Barroude on the French side, and on the Spanish side, 2 canyons considered to be the deepest in Europe: Ordesa and Anisclo.

The site is ideal for strolling and strolling lovers in front of a spectacular panorama.

All information on the website of the Tourist Office of Gavarnie Gèdre.


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